Shopping for Worker’s Compensation Insurance can be a real hassle. Dealing with insurance salespeople, comparing policies, determining coverage… it can drive a business owner mad!

However there is an easier solution! Let Advanced Payroll Concepts provide your workers compensation insurance AND do all the work!

Advanced Payroll Concepts can not only provide the workers compensation coverage but many times we can provide our “Pay as You Go!” payment option for you. This means:

  • No large down payment
  • No painful policy end audits
  • No worry about missing payments
  • Ease of knowing workers comp is taken care of so you can focus on your business!

It’s truly amazing how much time can be consumed with workers compensation administration. Now you have a choice, you can dicker with insurance salespeople, write big deposit checks and hassle with paperwork… or you can let Advanced Payroll Concepts take care of it for you!