Accounting Professionals

Why APC + CPA partnership works for you and your clients

Fast, Local Service

  • All payroll processing and customer service functions administered here in Tucson, AZ.
  • We offer immediate response to client requests and the many unique demands you and your clients may have.
  • APC provides friendly, dependable customer service.

Cost Effective

  • We provide a low-cost alternative to costly in-house payroll processing.
  • Allowing us to provide payroll services gives clients more time to focus on profit-generating duties.


  • We have a combined 25 years experience in the payroll industry.
  • APC maintains full Power of Attorney and assumes responsibility for all payroll tax related depositing and reporting.
  • Our in-depth payroll knowledge helps keep the accounting process running smoothly.
  • Enrolled to practice in front of the IRS.


  • We handle all of the payroll and tax hassles while client maintains control of all other functions of their business.
  • APC allows clients to focus on what they do best.


  • We offer customized payroll reporting options.
  • Multiple payroll input alternatives provide additional convenience.

The CPA Advantage

Concentrate on the most lucrative activities with your clients. Face it, with all of the liability and administrative headaches, payroll is not where the margin is. Wouldn’t it be nice to delegate these details to someone else so that you can concentrate on what’s really profitable? APC can help you do just that.

Reduce your administrative hassles.

APC prepares payroll returns (941’s, 940’s, W-2’s and W-3’s), and makes deposits for FICA, Federal FUTA, state and local taxes. We even assume liability for the timely payment of these taxes.

Spend more of your time on billable charges.

Reduce the time you spend answering payroll related client questions. With APC’s team of in-house experts, your clients will get up-to-the-minute information about payroll taxes and various payroll functions.

Expand your practice.

Since you will be helping your clients become more profitable, they’ll be happier and more satisfied. The result? You’ll increase client retention and referrals. And, as your clients become more successful, their need for your services will likely expand.

APC Services for Accountants and CPA’s:

  1. Automatic delivery of client tax return copies to your offices
  2. Partnership with a local payroll vendor
  3. Direct consulting regarding client payroll and tax issues
  4. G.L. interface services customized per your requirements

The APC + CPA partnership pays off.